Sunday, November 08, 2009

食べ物 Tabemonolog 8 Nov 2009

Felt incredibly rushed tonight since I went out to Chapters to look at manga comics. Found one that was really inspiring, called Solanin. The quickest dinner to put together is probably beef steak teriyaki and to stir fried buddha's palm with carrots. Wasn't anything to shout about but the apple and blueberry crisp was deep-dish delish.


flo said...

do you slice and marinate your own beef for beef terriaki or do you buy it pre-marinated? if you slice your own... how do you get it to look like that?! i don't think i'm very proficient with a knife. =( and what is buddha palm? is it a chayote? cantonese: hap churng gua=palm squash?

Blogmeister said...

Hey Flo,

Yes, super drench it with teriyaki sauce for half an hour (never buy stuff pre-marinated since I'm a control freak as to what goes in it!) then put it in a hot wok and cook them with chopsticks. You're right Buddha palm is chayote...great in soups or stir fried.