Saturday, November 07, 2009

食べ物 Tabemonolog 7 Nov 2009

I didn't have buckwheat noodles but I had Hua Long handmade dried noodles so I thought let's do it like cold soba with Mizkan oigatsuo-tsuyu. It was actually really good. Bonito flavoured soya sauce that could also be used for hot soups. Very happy with my find. Now it's raining cats and dogs and I had wanted to go to Chapters to find some manga comics...guess, I'm staying in to study Japanese.


Tina Francis said...

That looks delicious!!! Yum :)

Con Chan said...

THE FOOD looks so pretty! BTW, I just read thru your encounter with "Auntie Jackie". Thanks for the sharing of such amazing incident. It gives me strength that we can't give up!