Thursday, November 05, 2009

食べ物 Tabemonolog 5 Nov 2009

The weatherman said expect 70km/h winds and he might've well written tonight's dinner menu: Pumpkin soup, chicken casserole with garlic bread and basalmic vinegretted tomatoes, because windy weather always makes me want to make everything rich, creamy and dripping with butter. Pumpkin soup is one of the heartiest soups. It's times like these when a Kitchen Aid Food Processor would come in handy, but then again, my PC blender did the job quite nicely.

Tina came over for dins which was a treat because I haven't seen her for ages and she's such a trooper (cos' she's hungry!) and I like people to come hungry. We chowed down then chin-wagged, prayed and got caffeinated, all before 10:45pm. Now I'm ready to snack on my sunflower seeds...

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