Thursday, October 29, 2009

29th October 2009

Today I got new glasses. They're Geoffrey Beene frames and I only remember Geoffrey Beene's men's fragrance. They're dorkey-designy, I've decided. And it sort of fits me. I took a long time to look for new glasses because I really liked the last, last pair I got at Paris Miki in Singapore. There's something about glasses that make me feel new. Like a new pair of leggings. I wonder why that is?

There aren't too many things in Canada that makes me go Ooh and Aah. I remember so many more things in Europe and Japan that made me wide-eyed. I've been watching this J-drama called "Around 40" since Yuka told me about it. It was really absorbing although it's because of Amami Yuki that made it mostly watchable. I've also started on Fumo Chitai (The Wasteland)- a difficult movie to watch about how the Russian army detained Japanese soldiers in a Siberian prison. This made for TV movie is to commemorate Fuji (?) TV's 50th year anniversary. I like how they tell engaging stories that make you care for the characters.

I think I should blog more often. I've begun to love cooking interesting dishes once more. Thought I lost it a while back there...and cooking to the tunes of Wang Faye, mmm...

Oh well. Jaa, mata.