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August 2007 Expanded Version

Staff Conference at Whistler July 2007. This is the Intercultural Network team from the Edmonton and Vancouver area.

I sat next to Gujarati Indians- Indravadan and his wife Sarojben Chauhan, from Markham, ON en route to Toronto. I was so tired that morning but God gave me an hour to nap and then a wonderful opportunity to share about Jesus when Indravadan asked me about my husband. We talked for 2 hours about who Jesus is and they shared their vegetable samosas and tandoori chicken with me. It was the best in-flight non-airline food I ever had.

New friends I encountered in Richmond Hill. I was invited by my supporter Lynn Chen (far right) to visit Paul Chalupnik (first on left) and the home he took 2 years to design its interior. Taiwanese couple Ann and Tyrone live in Toronto. Do pray for all 3 of them that the Gospel I was able to share will get them to ask really good questions.

At Showers of Blessings (SOBEM) in Scarborough with the manager of TV productions Stephen Woo. A real creative spark, I really enjoyed talking to Stephen and touring all the facilities.

Mr Perry Chan and Mr Samuel Carr- the creative duo from Network Productions whom I hope will be able to shoot the training DVD in September. God willing!

Bernadette and Ben Lam (Ben is one of the directors on the Board at SOBEM) who treated me to egg tarts and milk tea at Times Centre.

Lee Wong, a fellow Singaporean who pastors the English congregation at Bridle Trail Chinese Baptist in Unionville, Scarborough.

Sharing your faith on Yonge Street, the longest street in the world, is a matter of choice. Here Muslims are actively sharing their faith and giving out the Koran in English.

On our way to Kensington market in Chinatown. Okay, okay, I really wanted some bubble tea.

$6 to get us over to Toronto island (weekdays are 2 for 1 after 5pm) where Lynn and I took the less trodden path. We ended up at the water's edge and had to go back. At least we went on the road untravelled!

7pm view of downtown Toronto where the CN tower pierces the sun-setting sky.

Checked out the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) near Chinatown.

Met with Darcy MacCallum who works with Inter-Cultural Neighbourhood Social Services in Mississauga. I learned lots from Darcy about how to go about caring for newcomers in Canada.

I Starbucked for the 4th time but this day with an ex-roomie from my Evangelical Free Church Mission Conference days- Maureen Chung. She pastors at Metro Chinese in Scarbarough and brought 7 people to New York recently for an outreach. Folks, she's been at this for 14 years and this is the first team out. That just encourages the heebie-jeebies out of me.

I walked to St Lawrence Market where I had veal parmagian with eggplant and sphagger's sauce at Mustachio's- an Italian eatery that was very popular over lunch time.

Not too far away is The Distillery, once brewed beer, now an artsy corner of town where artists come to hang their canvases and show off their work. My favourite place is Bergo where many of the product designer stuff just tickled me orange.

The Law Faculty of The University of Toronto not too far from the Royal Ontario Museum.

Being so near a powerful waterfall on Maids of the Mist made me think how close we humans want to get to something more powerful than us and not get pulverized. Yes, the poncho was absolutely essential outerwear!

Here's Melvin! He came to Christ at the last year before he graduated from University of Alberta and knows about Campus ministry. The church he attends- Airport Fellowship Church (formerly Toronto Vineyard) started this tour bus ministry to bring visitors from their church around the city. Now it's actually become a lucrative business!

Niagara-on-the-lake is a beautiful town where I caught the sunniest Saturday country fair selling peach salsas, homemade ice-creams, buttery corn on the cob and musicians from both USA and Canada performing on the streets.

The 10th anniversary of the Butterfly Conservatory commemorated on the flower clock. Such a throwback to my days of living in Switzerland where a similiar clock sits in Geneva.

The whirlpool that forms from the massive Niagara Falls and the ancient tram that squeaks across it.

Sri Lankans Kumari Herath and June Beekmeyer show what friendship is all about.

Toronto is an interesting and intercultural melting pot. Here Pakistanis were celebrating achievements by Canadian Pakistanis. Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty was on hand to give out the awards.

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May the Lord hold Madeleine close...

Madeleine McCann

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Madeleine McCann desapareceu em Portugal. Tem informações sobre o seu paradeiro?

Por favor contacte Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111, +44 1883 731 336

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Rest in Peace, Peter and Pico June 9, 2007

Saturday morning- June 9, 2007, I woke up to find Peter under our pear tree. I knew instantly that our dear 8 year old rabbit had died in the night. It was perhaps the way he was lying. The drizzle matched my spirits as I took a plastic tray to the back yard. Imagine my horror when I discovered that he was attacked. His fur was ripped and left all around the pear tree. Rigor mortis had already set in when I carried him. I scrambled to find Pico, the 4 year old daughter bunny of Peter's. She was found on the opposite side of the back yard, suitably under three benches of dancing posies. I could barely speak when I saw our sweet Pico with her throat open.

Sadness never felt so heavy. Knowing that these timid pets didn't know how to defend themselves nor needed to fear any predators only made the morning's discovery that much more gruesome. I should've put them back into their cages. I had thought that they would enjoy their freedom now that summer has arrived. So many times, I had seen them sit right in the middle of the backyard in the morning after rubbing noses or chasing each other. But no more.

I learned an important lesson that day. I no longer look at cages are mere restrictions. They can be a place of protection against harm and danger. The only comfort I have felt was from having both of them go at the same time. Strange as that may seem, leaving one behind would only make it feel that much lonelier.

Myron is doing okay. We've held our guinea pig MoMo tightly the past week.

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