Monday, November 16, 2009

食べ物 Tabemonolog 16 November 2009

I had a yen for yoghurt tonight and since I missed breakfast this morning wanted a second chance during dessert. The solution: French vanilla yoghurt + homemade strawberry jam, frozen blueberries and kashi all over. The quickest way to clear the dinner plates is to put these right at the dining table. Beautifully satisfying.

Brian Crook was the first one to serve us white asparagus with a ladleful of mayo and ham over rice, and I've never forgotten it. Was it in Blonay, Switzerland on the hill opposite to Glion where we lived? All I remember was we went out the very next day and recreated the exact same dish and had it for dinner in the evening. Here's remembering your hospitality to us, Brian.

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