Wednesday, November 04, 2009

食べ物 Tabemonolog 3 Nov 2009

For drinkies, it's important to get something with lift (think fizz), but knowing I was going to OD on saturated fats tonight, how about fresh OJ with Sidra (Mo's fav fizzy apple cider) and pomegranates for couleur, eh? On second thoughts, I should've used clementines for better citrussy goodness.

So dad had caught pink salmon from the Frasier River. It was soft even though I had encased it in eggwash and cajun seasoning. Twice. But it had a subtle taste of salmony flavour without fishyness. Heaven forbid fishyness! And deep frying fries. Oh my, my hair smells like McDonald's right now. I SO need a bath. The sauce? It's newly minted Srirachuptonaise (Srirachai chili + ketchup + mayonnaise). おいしい with tongue-tingling pimentoes as well...not for the faint of tongue.

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