Sunday, March 06, 2011

Epicurious Scotch Eggs

It's been some time since I last put a recipe here that's worth sharing. I came across this word "epicurean" and of course we all know that it means a person devoted to sensual enjoyment, esp. that derived from fine food and drink. I love words and would eat a new word heartily every morning if possible. I decided to make a dish I seem to recall having eaten (scotch eggs) when I visited England donkey years ago.

According to Wikipedia (I've no reason to doubt them here), scotch eggs were first sold in Fortnum & Mason in London in 1738. It was on no account because it was Scottish or even remotely Scot-like. It's as English as scones and Devonshire cream. The word "Scotch" is a throwback to the archaic word "scotched" which means "encased" or "wedged with". I'm terribly curious about most things remotely food related so here's another new word to add to your Foodictionary. Epicurious (I'm curious in epic proportions) about food in general. While some people are foodies, I am, however, a foodie who enjoys cooking for the eaties.

5 large hard boiled eggs
400gm Italian sausage meat
1 beaten egg
Fine breadcrumbs
Oil for deep frying

Take Italian sausage meat to wrap around the boiled egg. Roll it in flour. Dip it in beat egg wash. Roll it in fine breadcrumbs. Gently deep fry for 10 min on med low.
This makes an excellent picnic with pickles or sweet onions on its side.

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