Monday, February 28, 2011

February Fresh Fish 2011


Cindy said...

Great newsletter, Shirl, as usual! I never cease to amaze at how succinct and yet so rich your sharing is!

My answer to your question: What motivates me is love (love for Jesus, love from Jesus, love for those given to me by Him ...) and thanks for reminding that all things for the good of such people (motivated by love for Him)! I pray wholeheartedly for you in the same way!

Angela said...

Hello, Shirley,

You are so artistic ! I am stating the obvious, of course. I liked the former fish design because the one below looks like a lean mean barracuda ! Good to hear from you regularly.


Auntie Angela

Ranita said...

Thank you Shirley that was a real motivator for me.

God Bless in 2011.