Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day Open Homes Party 2010

Playing "Soularium" to get to know one another.

Leftmost side is Davone (from Laos); Sitting L-R: JiHong (from Hunan, China), Ronda (from Egypt), Helen (from Chengdu, China), Stephanie and Sarah (from Philippines)

Having a spot of tea, a smidgen of coffee and a whack of homemades. Ronda's basbosa was a delightful Egyptian dessert!

A group photo on this lovely Sunday afternoon 16 May 2010 (L-R) Sarah, Stephanie, Ji Hong, Cindy, Shirley, Ronda, Zhong Le, Davone, and Helen.

Cindy Shum (from Toronto/Hong Kong) sharing her encounter with Jesus in the office and how He made a difference in her life.

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