Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Top 10 values

1. God's immutable Word.
2. Being able to diligently and continuously express creativity in writing, speaking, painting, design and communications in order to encounter Jesus in a meaningful ways
3. Being a Kingdom-culture influence in the life of my family members through speech and deed
4. Discovering new things, new words, new restaurants, new dramas, new languages, a new method of design, communication; to learn from fellow-artists, appreciating beauty, understanding God through the medium of the creative arts
5. Spending time alone
6. Being involved in the lives of creative individuals by nurturing and encouraging growth in an environment which fosters fun and faith
7. Excellence (doing everything to the best of my abilities whether cooking, cleaning, designing, or treating people)
8. Honesty
9. Comfortable traveling
10. Healthy living

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