Thursday, February 07, 2008

The First Relationship Forum


Blogmaster said...

For some of us, singleness is a choice. For some of us, singleness is simply where we find ourselves. Out of the forum where 9 of us gathered, we said singleness is "an opportunity", "getting to know people", "learning what God wants first for me" and "a faith adventure".

In the past, Christianity had a good social structure to engender healthy community but individuality and self-advancement has promulgated the new "professional nomad". To be a Christ-centred/mutually-supportive community, genuinely relating to others is not impossible. There are just few places in which this kind of intent is fostered let alone promoted.

Being the "right person" is about understanding who we are in Jesus Christ- finding our purpose and resting in His promises.

Several noteworthy comments:
We, in the elite 4% in the Western world are likened to the King's court in the Bible where privilege and wealth has isolated and blinded us to how the rest of the 96% of the world lives. We need to get a better global perspective on how God is working to find encouragement in the station we find ourselves in.

Busyness and workaholism are two by-, and end-products of any thriving metropolitan culture that foment singleness. True or false?

Some challenging questions:
1. How limited do you feel with regards to meeting people and connecting with them on a deeper level?
2. What are some of the real issues we want to talk about at our next gathering?
3. How do we live out our present singleness on God's terms?

The objective of this forum is to have mutual relationship accountability to one another as well as intellectually engaging in discussions about relationships that singles face.

Blogmaster said...

Seeing how this has not generated any new responses, after 1.5 months, I am closing this Relationship Forum.