Monday, November 27, 2006

Winter wonderland in Surrey BC

It snowed, and snowed and snowed. School's out and I was asked to refrain from going into the office because of the icy conditions. There's something so incredibly beautiful about snow. It reminds me of Switzerland, of a warm one-room apartment and lots of hot chocolate. Here's what our backyard looks like.


Nana said...

Wow! We hardly have this scenery in Central London. We hope we could have a white Christmas this year and a heavy snow fall before we set back to our bright hometown.

newlifeclinic said...

Hi Shirley
The snow looks really lovely. I am sure my children will enjoy it. We should come by and visit you all some time.
Love DaviD

Anonymous said...

shirl girl,

re winter wonderland in surrey.... the feeling is mutual....
did you hear that we had -40C the other day??
missing you and janet

lilibeth of edmonton

Es Ye said...

Hi everyone,

You know the snow is now super slushy because we've gone back to good ole rainy BC weather. It was beautiful while it lasted. Hope we'll get more snow in December.