Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bowling Night

Yes, nothing quite like bowling brings out the beast...oh sorry, I mean- the BEST- of us! Here we are in Xcalibur on 7 July bonding in ways no other Bible Study group can. It was a barmy night in Surrey.


ChiHwa & Cindy said...

This is a fun blog to visit. By the way, the bowling must have been fun. Yeah...I remember the last time when I was there...and I wonder...was that about the game match or love match?

Es Ye said...

Oh hey, today I called your mum to come to the Intercultural Picnic on Sat and to congratulate her on soon becoming a grandmum. I was surprised to hear she's working for the 3M company. She sounded well. I also announced your happy news to the Bible Study group. We had our last Bible Study but we will go out to evangelize next Sat at Coquitlam mall. I'm excited about that!