Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Welcome to Shirlock's BLOG


Es Ye said...

Dear friends,

I finally own a BLOG in cyberspace at the ripe old age of 38. As you know that this is the thread of thought that will keep running (post mortem), let me know where you are in life. I'll be posting some very important (okay, frivolous and semi-important) questions that will keep us in the loop of each other's lives.

Happy Birthday to Katherine, my best friend since I was 14.


Kitt said...

Your long time friend sends u a belated birthday greeting today... and having spent some time reading your blogsite... I am truly amazed how small the world has become... So good to read about the happenings in yours and Myron's lives... Take care and hope to "blog" more frequently soon.

Lots of love from
Kitt & my two Js